We have exciting news!

Our first west coast shared hosting server is now available for customer accounts! As many of you know, we have had shared hosting for quite some time but you were only able to have this service if you had our web development package. We are excited to announce that you no longer have to be a PNET Development customer to have a shared hosting account, beginning with server WC2! You will now see shared hosting as an option in the hosting product menu at the top of the page.

WC2 is a CentOS server with the LAMP stack and cPanel/WHM. We are limiting this server to a maximum of 100 accounts, to maintain speed of the server. This is an incredible and unheard of goal, as most hosting companies host between 500 and 1000 accounts on a single shared server. We believe in affordability and quality having a great balance, and to accomplish this we are limiting accounts to a reasonable amount. As always, our systems team will monitor the server 24/7/365. This server is subject to the same Terms of Service that any of our hosting accounts are subject to.

A brief overview of the TOS:
  • We do not allow file storage on our servers. For this reason, web disk is disabled.
  • We do not allow pornographic websites.
  • We do not allow illegal content.
  • We do not allow copyright content or other content protected by the Digital Media Copyright Act.
  • We do not allow cryptocurrency mining.
  • You are limited on the resources your account is allowed to utilize. Regular overuse of resources will result in suspension. If you need more resources, we offer VPS and dedicated servers.
  • We do not allow spam. Our servers are monitored and impose limited on outgoing mail to maintain our IP reputation.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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